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Welcome to the Pack!

Congratulations to our Student Council Officers!

On Tuesday, October 30 students running for office positions gave speeches in front of the student body and elections were held.  Please help us in congratulating President- Bryanna Padilla, Vice President- Lucas Padilla, Secretary- Queana Fonseca, Treasurer-Maddison Pratho!  

Boy and Old man carving pumpkin

Classic car

LIFE Pumpkin Run

Can't get much better than pumpkin carving and cars!

Two boys, woman, and old man carving pumpkins.

Picture of principal and 4 boys covered with color dust.

Picture of little girl covered in color dust.

The Color Me Bully Free Run was a huge success.  Thank you to all who came out to participate and volunteer!

Picture of 4 girls running through color race.

Wolf Families

*  Wolves are fiercely loyal to their pack, they are the ultimate team players.

*  Wolf families take care of each other.  Members of the wolf pack help raise the pups and care for elderly members.

*  Wolves are expert communicators. They use vocalizations and body language.  

*  At Alta Vista we are respectful, responsible and safe.  We also, take care of each other and use positive ways. 

Picture of a wolf pack

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